Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I love you GRANDPA ! :)

last sunday morning , i get a call from my aunt , she told me that my grandpa
suddenly hard to breath. and they send him to hospital and my grandpa in
emergency room . and i told my mom. my mom working. so she ask
my oldest sister go and visit my grandpa first.. i stay at home..

evening around 5.. i went to hospital with my mom and my sister..
all my aunt was there..
when i loook to my grandpa , he''s so weaaaaaakkkkk , Hard to breath .
his heartbeat not stabil.. I scared.. I worried.. Tears out..
and i tel my mom , i dont wanna go school the next day and i wanna
stay at hospital to take care my grandpa . My mom ask me back home to bath first
just come later , so my brother in law fetch me home to ready my thing first . i done all
thing very quickly.. after bath.. i get a text from my sis and she says : " Grandpa already leave us" I Shocked , Cried , how dat i hope dat she get the wrong information.. but..

I rush in to the car and ask my brother in low fetch me back to hospital very fast .
i reach there , They all crying.. when look to the bed.. He stop breathing.. He's cold.. i cant stop crying and hug him.. my sister beside whisper me : Before grandpa leave , he din say anything.. he just leave his tears when his last breath " I Cry harder . if i know he'll leave us on that day..
i'll not backing home ! i'll stay there.. but its too late..

Grandpa , i miss when you ask me already eaten or not . i miss the way you laugh . the way you talk with me , the way you care me.. I miss you grandpa :'(((

His last picture :')
he'll go to a better place , where there's peace .
and its forever without pain and sick .
- Heaven
Grandpa , i'll be very miss you..

i took this photo 3 months ago :')
That moment , He's still challenge with his sick .
He's still Strong :') He Tried his best..


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